Monday Fun: Tales of the ShadowWood

(Updated Feb 29 2016)

Exclusively for our FoxWeb Patrons, the very last page in the sneak-peek premiere of Tales of the ShadowWood!

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Tales Of The ShadowWood: Premiere!

Just for all you loyal FoxWeb Patrons: a sneak peek at the finished version of Tales Of The ShadowWood! We’re starting out with the first four pages, and will add a new page every Monday so each week will start out with a little extra fun.

Let us know what you think, please – and enjoy the medieval foxiness!

Now, on to Page 1!

New Server, New Log-Ins

The new OzFoxes Patrons Blog is mostly working, and we’re adding new material over the Valentine’s Day weekend. If you’re a patron (Thank You!), stay tuned for your new User Name and Password which will arrive by e-Mail from WordPress. Stay tuned, and stand by for more fun!