Back To The Future II

As you may recall, we were invited to be GOHs at a “furry” convention called Rocket City FurMeet for their “Sci-Five” fifth convention. We produced a significant amount of art for use in all phases of the convention. A lot of it has disappeared into the mists of time, but here are a few more pieces for your Blast From The Past enjoyment!

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Back To The Future

Once upon a time, the OzFoxes were the guests of honor (GOH) at a convention in Huntsville, AL called Rocket City FurMeet, and as such we were asked to provide a variety of artworks for use by the con.

A wonderful time was had by all, and most everyone we heard from really liked the art we’d done. That was awhile back, and those who didn’t attend the con never got to see that artwork.

– until now!

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