Art: Cindy On The Run

In a recent Faux Pas strip, we got to see a character in a more active pose:

Faux Pas #1681
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In another, Randy and Cindy faced off against some annoyed/annoying geese:

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The Foxes of “Starflight”

A long time ago, in a galaxy…

…no, wait – that’s another story. How about: a long time ago in a little college in the wilds of New Mexico, an art student named Margaret was so enamoured with Star Wars and Battlestar: Galactica that she set out to define her very own space-fantasy adventure. With foxes.

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Art: My Bonnie Laddie

One of the recurring features of our Patron Blog will be an advance look at things we are working on – or in this case, something we sold on eBay:

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Answer Me This….

Whenever we teach a class or do a panel at a convention, one of our favorite parts comes towards the end when we have an informal Q&A session, which often continues long afterwards in the hallway or while staking out a handy table in a Commons area.
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We are still working on the mechanics of this site – we’re making progress, really! – and very soon, you will be able to post your burning questions or start new topics in a special Q&A thread, and we will feature those questions in future posts.

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What This Blogsite Is About

So why a special Patron-supported blog, you ask?

This blog has two main purposes: one that is especially for creators, and another geared more towards fans and FoxWeb Friends who want to see more than what’s immediately available on the FoxWeb.

Taking them one at a time:

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