We’re Back! (Mostly)

BlogFoxes and the FoxWeb website have migrated onto new servers. Now, we just have to catch up by reloading some missing bits, and getting back to regular updates. Stay tuned, and watch the magic happen! And as always: thank you … Continue reading

Tales Of The ShadowWood: Premiere!

Just for all you loyal FoxWeb Patrons: a sneak peek at the finished version of Tales Of The ShadowWood! We’re starting out with the first four pages, and will add a new page every Monday so each week will start … Continue reading

The Foxes of “Starflight”

A long time ago, in a galaxy… …no, wait – that’s another story. How about: a long time ago in a little college in the wilds of New Mexico, an art student named Margaret was so enamoured with Star Wars … Continue reading