We’re Back! (Mostly)

BlogFoxes and the FoxWeb website have migrated onto new servers. Now, we just have to catch up by reloading some missing bits, and getting back to regular updates. Stay tuned, and watch the magic happen! And as always: thank you … Continue reading

Back To The Future III

Last time, as you’ll recall, we were invited¬† to be GOHs at a “furry” convention called Rocket City FurMeet for their “Sci-Five” convention.¬† A lot of the artwork we created for the con has disappeared into the mists of time … Continue reading

New Server, New Log-Ins

The new OzFoxes Patrons Blog is mostly working, and we’re adding new material over the Valentine’s Day weekend. If you’re a patron (Thank You!), stay tuned for your new User Name and Password which will arrive by e-Mail from WordPress. … Continue reading

Do You Trope?

Part of our online culture is a fascination with things that most people had never heard (or thought) about a generation or two ago. For example, it’s nearly impossible to spend much time on the internet without running into memes … Continue reading

Answer Me This….

Whenever we teach a class or do a panel at a convention, one of our favorite parts comes towards the end when we have an informal Q&A session, which often continues long afterwards in the hallway or while staking out … Continue reading

What This Blogsite Is About

So why a special Patron-supported blog, you ask? This blog has two main purposes: one that is especially for creators, and another geared more towards fans and FoxWeb Friends who want to see more than what’s immediately available on the … Continue reading