Fill-In Fun

Those of you who have followed along with us for awhile know that from time to time we are forced offline for one reason or another. When that happens – and assuming we have any internet access at all – … Continue reading

December Wallpapers

(You may need to refresh your browser once you log in….) Many thanks to those who responded to our request regarding desktop wallpapers, especially to patron Patrick Kingsley for posting his excellent suggestion regarding the most common sizes/screen ratios. … Continue reading

Do You Trope?

Part of our online culture is a fascination with things that most people had never heard (or thought) about a generation or two ago. For example, it’s nearly impossible to spend much time on the internet without running into memes … Continue reading

Art: “Bonny Knees” (WIP)

This is a Work In Progress (WIP). A little background: Scottish festivals and Highland Games are famous for having a variety of competitions, like caber-tossing, axe throwing, and other feats of strength and skill. Some festivals also have a contest … Continue reading

The Foxes of “Starflight”

A long time ago, in a galaxy… …no, wait – that’s another story. How about: a long time ago in a little college in the wilds of New Mexico, an art student named Margaret was so enamoured with Star Wars … Continue reading