It Happened One Dusk

With all the attention on the wedding(s) and Cindy’s kits, one might wonder what Dusk has been up to. Wonder no more, let’s take a look!

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It Happened One Dusk — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed that a lot of your updates on here seem to be about Dusk. I find her popularity to be somewhat… fascinating. I know the old adage is that everybody loves a good villain, but honestly, there were several points in the comic where I outright hated her. I think her lowest moment had to be when Cindy was on the verge of tears thinking that everybody on the farm was going to buy into Dusk’s lies about her. It is the mark of a great story to be able to invoke such emotion from the readers, so I give you credit for crafting those scenes the way that you did.

    To Dusk’s credit, there have been a number of strips that indicated that she does have some good in her. That she’s not all bitter and jealous, but she still has a long way to go before she’s redeemed herself in my book. At least Cindy shouldn’t have anything else to worry about with her and Randy now.

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