Strawberry Wallpaper

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Strawberry Wallpaper — 2 Comments

  1. Such a sweet — double meaning not intended, as I type that, but I’ll go with it — and pretty pic!

    Suggestions? If you mean regarding format, about the only I’d make here is two additional portrait formats: 10:16 (1200×1920?) and 9:16 (1080×1920?). These — along with the already-established 3:4 — should cover or at least cleanly scale to almost all common tablet and phone portrait form factors. As it hasn’t been requested as of yet, though, I’d say this is definitely in the category of “nice to have” far more than “necessity”.

    As for subjects, perhaps some sort of “summer fun” theme? Yay for beaches, cookouts, etc.! And trying to stay cool while still having fun! 😀 Something silly and playful, or maybe a sweet and romantic beach sunset shot . . . Anyway.

    (Though Philip’s mention of “villainous vixen Dusk” DID give me an evil spoof idea that I may have to suggest for next year’s April Fools. Though, as I run it through my head, it sounds more like something that Myrtle would write.)

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