The More Things Change

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The More Things Change — 10 Comments

  1. Same sneaky Dusk trying to steal Randy. I noticed the different last name right off and thought your relationship moved faster than Randy & Cindy’s. LOL Cool seeing the old strips from almost 30 years ago. Wow, you guys have been with these foxes a long time!

    • Somewhere or other we still have some of our REALLY old artwork, which is frightening at best. We’ll have to see about sharing that someday, when we feel the need to scare our supporters…. 😉

      • Frightening or not i still wouldn’t mind seeing them, unless you have them saved for Halloween!!, i’m guessing they were done in the 1970’s.

        Did you ever do any early pieces with Marsha Redfox?

  2. I’m particularly fascinating by the bubbling technique. I remember being taught that in school and being assured that the machine wouldn’t pick it up (now I feel old!)

    • If you mean the word balloons: this was done before there was a computer on everybody’s desk, so “cut and paste” was quite literal. A copy camera would not pick up the paste-up lines, though our scanner does.

      Of course, now we have PhotoShop to take care of such things!

  3. These are great! Is there any more we can look at. If not on the net, then in print some were?

    I also really like the caricature effect for dusk in the last panel of the third page.

    Thanks for the peek.

    • You can see some of our earlier efforts here, on BlogFoxes. Sometimes it shows up on Margaret’s FurAffinity account ( ), or on her OzFoxes FaceBook page ( ) … and some will show up when we publish the collected editions of Faux Pas.

      Some artwork has been lost to history, especially pieces done for convention books and advertising fliers (or private pieces done as commissions) – but we’ll happily share what we’ve got as we go along.

      – as long as anyone is still interested, that is! 🙂

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