Faux Pas Fillers

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Faux Pas Fillers — 2 Comments

  1. I think it is good of you to run different filler strips rather than just a generic one and I have to say I’ve always enjoyed them. Whilst in an ideal world you wouldn’t want to do fillers I think it is good in some ways as you get to experiment with your art and layouts. It would be good to see the fillers archived as it would be nice to revisit them, I like the bonus print collection idea.

  2. Awesome! I found your comic in 2009, so I missed these.
    I read quite a lot of webcomics, and your fillers are by far the most elaborate I’ve seen. Other comics will simply put a text somewhere, saying “no comic today” or something similar, or there’s simply no update at all.
    I really appreciate your effort.

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