Process: What’s My Line?

Patreon member Philip Jones recently asked:

     What sort of pencils/inks do you use to do the roughs?
     or is that a Ozfox trade secret?

Not secret at all, so thanks for asking! What we use depends on where we are and what we’re working on.

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Process: What’s My Line? — 3 Comments

  1. Well i’m really glad i asked the question now and thank you so much for taking the time to write the very detailed reply, which i have to say was very interesting to read, even to a non artist such as myself. It gives me a much clearer picture of your artistic processes and the tools you use to create that wonderful vulpine art. I’ve done digital manipulation in Photoshop myself(i do amateur photography) and i can appreciate how time consuming it is and how tempting it is to be over picky on stuff, however the end results are worth it(like with that wonderful Dusk Springtime piece!).

    Thanks again for this post and i hope other Patrons found it as interesting as i did!!

    • Joe –
      We’re old fashioned in that most everything we do is non-digital, at least initially. Paper and pencils are cheap, so we can haul them around and sketch anything, anywhere, as long as there is sufficient light. Someday we might afford a Surface Pro 4 or some other laptop/tablet that has Cintiq-like capabilities. For now, we can buy a LOT of paper and pencils for what a tablet would cost, and we don’t have to worry about Margaret getting acrylic paint all over the screen when she wants to transfer a sketch onto canvas! 😉

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