Back To The Future III

Last time, as you’ll recall, we were invited  to be GOHs at a “furry” convention called Rocket City FurMeet for their “Sci-Five” convention.  A lot of the artwork we created for the con has disappeared into the mists of time (or in this case, the crash of hard drive) – but here are a few more pieces for your Blast From The Past enjoyment!

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Back To The Future III — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for even more extras, the one of Dusk coming out of the picture is fantastic! (Myrtle wouldn’t think so though!). I for one would be very grateful to see some more Con art from you as it is nice to see what i have been missing out on.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Also thanks here. Fun to see some of your characters in different settings (Or painting/transporters), and your aliens and futuristic settings and outfits. That’s one wild bee costume.
    I’ve always thought that R/L furfans would be some of the best “first contact” people, as we’re quite used to the concept of intelligent beings in many shapes, sizes and designs. Although reality does have a way of putting one on one’s backside! Take care, keep creating, Drs aka Stu aka Stubat

  3. I have to say, tho, the many years I ran reg, I never had an easy chair! Love the ears and tail on the alien, too! The Dusk/Myrtle piece does stand out, though. Licking her chops, with one paw on the frame. Always have expected Myrtle to go out that way… Drs

  4. I love all of the signs of the times (of futures both pass — think 1950 drive inns — and not too distant future — Google glasses and iWatchs any one?). Was wondering (seeing the cloned twins) if you did any thing else along the Jetson themes?

    • JR_Brown: not so much on the Jetsons, though that was one we grew up on Back When. The future as envisioned in ages past is a fun theme, so you never know what might pop up. Glad you like the examples shown – thanks!

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