Back To The Future

Once upon a time, the OzFoxes were the guests of honor (GOH) at a convention in Huntsville, AL called Rocket City FurMeet, and as such we were asked to provide a variety of artworks for use by the con.

A wonderful time was had by all, and most everyone we heard from really liked the art we’d done. That was awhile back, and those who didn’t attend the con never got to see that artwork.

– until now!

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Back To The Future — 7 Comments

  1. Still enjoying the ShadowWood pages. Really nice work, great backgrounds, too. The story keeps getting more intriguing. Facing off a crossbow with a sword’s a bit chancy, tho I think Megan’s bow is a lot faster firing than any crossbow so could be a pincushion happening soon. Besides surprise and a better vantage point. Keep up the good stuff!
    The Rocket City stuff is fun, thanks for sharing! Couple scary things, tho: Myrtle with true flight, and Marsha’s dessert pills? Eeep! I’ve been making her Blackberry crumble lately, and don’t think it’d be much as a pill. (Thanks for the recipes!) Yours, Drs

      • Sorry, my lady that I neglected to elaborate. Made about 5 batches, some modifications, (less apples, more blackberries, ’cause that’s how my Gram’s blackberry bushes go!), and upsized things to handle the massive blackberry supply. Little bit of cornstarch, (I know, sacrilege, but it helped with the juices.), upsized the topping, and made 9×13″ pan, full.
        Rather tasty, and the extra topping absorbed some of the juices, which made for some good munching. Very tasty, tart, sweet, crunchy, good.
        Highly edible. Looks nice, too. Will have to flip through the rest of the recipes for some more goodies. Thanks again! Stu

  2. Fantastic to see this Con art, love the Sci-Fi themes. I’m surprised you didn’t have anything relating to your own Starflight comic featured. Still thank you for showing these wonderful pieces of art and I look forward to seeing perhaps more forgotten Convention pieces since it is unlikely I will ever get to one.

    Keep up the good work with ShadowWood!

    • We try to keep the con art reasonably generic, unless it is specifically “publicizing” us OzFoxes (as with Randy and Cindy on the cover). That said, sometimes our characters sneak in a cameo here and there; we’ll see about getting some of that up on the blog as well. Stay tuned!

  3. Oooh, some nice stuff you’ve got there.

    “This was the t-shirt design, which they reproduced in a variety of colors depending on who you were – attendee, staff, security, etc.”
    – I wonder who got red ones… 😉

    • Good catch! As we recall, the command staff had gold shirts and security had red. “Mere” attendees had grey. There were also a very limited number of purple shirts, but we’re not sure of their role; Section 31, perhaps?

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