Fill-In Fun

Those of you who have followed along with us for awhile know that from time to time we are forced offline for one reason or another. When that happens – and assuming we have any internet access at all – we run Filler Strips to keep things interesting until we can get back online for real.

If we had our way, nothing would ever go wrong and thus we’d never need to run a Filler. That said, a lot of our readers like the Fillers and have frequently requested that we make them permanently available one way or another.

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Fill-In Fun — 2 Comments

  1. Yes! I’ve wanted to see all the filler strips from before I started reading the comic. I actually emailed you about this three times throughout 2013, but Gmail thought it was spam for some reason. Maybe you remember? I did get a response from you when I emailed you asking if you got my previous messages, which you confirmed that you hadn’t, so maybe “filler” and “strips” together are suspicious to Gmail’s spam filter or something…

  2. That sounds like a great idea, i’ve always enjoyed your filler strips and it is nice to see some old ones, i think my favorite fillers were the ones featuring Dusk & Myrtle and also the Tron style ones.