The Upside Of Downtime

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Sketchdump — 1 Comment

  1. Ah, the joys of computers. Out here in Arizona, the court systems in Phoenix and Tucson have been moving towards entirely electronic court records. We’re not quite there, but getting closer. All of the documents are scanned and electronically stored, permitting anyone authorized to use our computer to retrieve general access level documents from any workstation. Certain documents/files have restricted access. We are now introducing electronic filing of certain types of cases. That means that the attorneys submit the documents over the Internet and can file 24/7/365. Physical files generated are marked with tracking bar codes that are used to maintain a computerized record of who has the file or had it last. That makes life easier for us clerks. Of course, the most temperamental piece of equipment I deal with is the printer that prints the bar codes-it was always having mechanical problems. IT installed a brand new printer yesterday and tested it. Today the thing jammed repeatedly, requiring them to change some settings so that it would feed the heavier labels properly. Found out that they tested it with normal printer paper-of course it worked fine with that.

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