The New Blog


This is our first shot at the Real Blog, and we need you to let us know if it works properly for you.

If there are things that are broken, let us know in the comments below, or via e-Mail at – whichever works better for you.

We’ll add more material here as soon as we’re on our feet. For now, we just want to make sure you folks can use it as intended.

Thanks again for your support, and be of Cheer!


The New Blog — 6 Comments

    • How did you manage to change your profile picture? I tried again when I saw yours but it still says I don’t have permission to upload files.

        • Well, I’m not a member of WordPress, and don’t have a global account, only this. If I registered an account on, it wouldn’t matter because it’s not the same account anyway.
          Maybe the OzFoxes can fix the uploading permission issue somehow.

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