The Foxes of “Starflight”

A long time ago, in a galaxy…

…no, wait – that’s another story. How about: a long time ago in a little college in the wilds of New Mexico, an art student named Margaret was so enamoured with Star Wars and Battlestar: Galactica that she set out to define her very own space-fantasy adventure. With foxes.

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The Foxes of “Starflight” — 2 Comments

  1. Aha! so the lovely lady in the first B&W image is Cassandra Silvertip!. I look forward to seeing some more StarFlight character introductions in good time and some more art both new and old from the project.

    Being a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers TV series, not to mention the more recent StarFox video game franchise, naturally I was very excited when you first revealed StarFlight to us all!

    • I see the second B&W image features Jazelle, nice to see we are getting to know some of your characters a bit better and it is interesting to compare newer and older versions. That said i’d love to see some more vintage character artwork from Starflight. 😉

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