Are We Still Here?

Not much activity here since before Christmas 2016. Are we still here?

Simple answer: we think so!

More complete answer: the site has developed a few technical problems which took BlogFoxes down for awhile, and there are hackers Out There who are actively seeking WordPress sites to infect with their vile intent. If you visit and we suddenly seem to be selling beachfront real estate in Florida or Czechoslovakia or something, you may safely assume that’s not really us. (And feel free to let us know, y’know?)

We’ve been putting most of our For Fun updates on Patreon recently, which has limitations but hasn’t fought back. We’ll see about getting back to updating this site the way we originally intended, so stay tuned.

For now: enjoy whatever you can find to enjoy, and be of Great Cheer!


Folks like to see some of the older pieces we did Back When, especially anything that got published but is no longer available. With that in mind:

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